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December 2008



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Dec. 14th, 2008


at 79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so i haven't updated here any since wrath came out.
Whereas it's not like outland and the immediate replacement of my beautiful epics from 60, it is sooo much fun.
the quest lines are great, and the cinemaics are incredible. I have not been bored with any of the places as of yet. My grind is going a bit slower than most. I realize alot of people are working on getting their alts to 80 right now and tkkana sits at 78, but i'm having fun.
Right now i'm out in storm peaks, love the quests out there.
i need to work on all those group quests clogging up my quest log tonight. I need more space to head over to s. Basin. Which has all the really cool quests...proto-drake possible! And they are such cuties.

Oct. 9th, 2008


weekly update till wrath

So worked on the money sink that will be wrath today. I'm 4 gold short of my daily goal. Which considering i haven't done any of the outland quests yet today, should not be a problem.
going to try to get liv to 69 tomorrow.(<---this did not happen) She's at 55.5% or something annoying like that. I'm working on her kureni rep/consoritum rep. Warbeads and orges. Going to try a *shudder* pug with steamvaults tomorrow. I would so love for her to have an actual ne flying mount. No offense humans, but our birds are prettier.
maybe i can finish up her quests in nagrand tomorrow too. (<---also did not happen)

but i did get tkk exalted with sporregar and kureni. so no more orge butts for me to look at on tkk at least...liv is a different matter.



and cause we all love pretty pics...

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Oct. 4th, 2008


opening statements

okay, so i'm going to be nice to my friends page since most of my friends do not play. i'm going to put everything wow related over here..with some squeeling oversights i'm sure

goals before wowlk comes out

10k gold
liv to 70 and doing sun shattered offensive
work thru at least 10 of tkk's quests that have been sitting in her log.
delete the rest
and get exalted with one old world faction

(that should keep me plenty busy)